My name is Jason Bergunder. I am a fourth year Simon Fraser University (SFU) Interactive Arts and Technology (IAT) student, with an emphasis on media arts and design. My interests have turned to web design and maintaining online blogs for both professional and personal work.

I also maintain a business painting miniature models on contract as well as to sell separately. I love utilizing what I have learned in school to help showcase my work and reach out using technology to sell my brand.


I have been a student at SFU for 4 years, in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), studying design and the use of media to convey ideas. Nearly all projects in this faculty are team based. I have 4 years of experience working with like-minded people to realize our design ideas and solutions. These projects can range from developing application prototypes, to designing websites, to creating physical prototypes.

My experience in software include the Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Solidworks, HTML5, and CSS3. I have also gained valuable insight into industry practices such as Prototyping, Persona Development, Spatial Thinking, Presentations, and User Experience.

Web Design Experience

Business website redesign

Although this project was SFU classwork, it was my full intention to use what I did for my miniature model painting business. I started with making wireframes to determine how the layout and the interactions will fit on a page. And then I transcribed it into HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch. I have tried to redesign my website before, but I felt the designs were inadequate until now.

I developed my HTML and CSS skills to create a protfolio style website that showcases my work and communicates my process to potential clients.

Content Management System

I use CMS for two things, the first is to showcase painted miniatures and interact with clients using Wordpress in a blog format. The second use is for compiling and consolidating my ideas in a single electronic location for role-playing campaigns that I write and host for my players. I have only started hosting role-playing games for about three months and have had great feedback. I have been able to immerse my players into the world of my games with a sense of purpose and obstacles that challenge their problem solving skills.

Through this, I have increased my confidence in storytelling and whit, creating and encouraging a banter between players both outside and inside the games. I also create handouts for the players to read out to add another layer of immersion.

Both campaigns that I host require me to write a story, tell the story, and organize the events that occur in a managable and understandable way for all players to be able to view. I am brand new to the role of Game Master, I have always been a player. I love telling a story that I took the time to write and seeing the fantastical reactions of my participants. I look forward to concluding my campaigns in the epic way my friends want to see them end.

An excerpt from the Artisan of Ichor Dungeons & Dragons campaign

The Goliath then stealthily follows the bandits all the way back to their camp. Waiting until nightfall, the Goliath sneaks towards the camp and silently kills one of the sentries. Making his way to the other side of the camp, the Goliath closes in on the second sentry but fumbles the attack, allowing the sentry to call for help. By this time the rest of the party has found the camp, the rest of the bandits have awoken, drawing weapons.

An excerpt from the Shadow of the Serpent Deathwatch campaign

Counting down the seconds, the timer finally reaches zero and the massive thumps of explosions, could still be heard clearly even though the Space Marines were a couple kilometres away. The bio-ship convulses in what appears to be pain. The pulsating of its heart has stopped, but its death throes toss the Marines off their feet. The Deathwatch feel the pull of gravity start to shift toward the side of the tunnels, the bio-ship is falling out of orbit.

Design Experience

Social Group App Design

As a third year semester-long project, we were tasked to design a prototype application that a local social group could find useful. This included conducting usability studies, creating personas, and designing and programming the application itself. I was responsible for the communication and meetings between our team and the social group. I also created the application prototype in Adobe Flash and created a video, using Adobe Premiere, showcasing our work.

Using the game that we are designing the app around, we integrated our prototype into the game as if it were fully functional, taking in the group's feedback.

The final prototype was made in Flash, coded in Actionscript. I was responsible for making the whole application. Including design, layout, and theme.


Abyss is an immersive environment piece set at the bottom of the ocean. It is a simulation to give the user an explorative, meditative experience where they may forge their own narrative as time passes. The models were outsourced, but were given joints in Maya and then imported into Unity where the project resided.

I developed my coding and familiarity with the Unity engine. I used Javascript to manipulate player movement to follow the facing of the camera as well as create an endless loop of the world. I also put joints into many of the models.

This deep sea simulation was intended to provide users with an explorative, meditative virtual environment; the goal was to create a space for a user wherein they could explore and create their own narrative. The models shown were outsourced.

Steampunk Flashlight

View Flashlight Posters

Our task was to design a flashlight for a particular user in a particular situation. Originally, the user was to be a construction worker. However, my group decided to take the task outside the norm and design the flashlight for a cosplayer at a Steampunk convention.

The constraints are similar to a construction worker. The Steampunk genre is an alternate timeline based on the Victorian era and style. Our particular user was cosplaying as an engineer and so used thick working gloves and needed an accompanying gadget, our flashlight

We designed the flashlight to be able to change it shape for certain situations. The flashlight is able to stay closed, like a tradition flashlight; or open, to emulate the area light of a lamp. It also has a thick handle for the limited dexterity from the working gloves.

Santa Fe Ad Exercise

I was asked to create a banner ad for the 2014 Santa Fe as an exercise during an interview for Convertus. This was my first experience in advertisement design. I utilized my knowledge I gathered in school and previous experience viewing car ads. I used Illustrator to create the banner, going through nearly a dozen iterations before chosing the one that felt like it could actually be used as a car advertisement.

The final iteration was chosen because it conformed more closely to the client's consistent aesthetic. With the car on the right side and the "call to action" on the left.

These are the other iterations

Miniature Model Painting

Miniature model painting has been my passion for the past 9 years. It all started one fateful day looking around a mall and stumbling upon a small specialty store, Games Workshop. A year later, I won my first painting contest, which started my love of painting. Since then, I have taught myself advanced techniques such as blending, object source lighting, and non-metallic metal. I now paint models at a professional level for myself and for clients.

Business Owner

I own a small business called StaticGrass Creations. It is a miniature model painting and assembly company where clients contact me via email and I keep in contact with them for details about their project and to negotiate a final price on the contract. I also create video tutorials on the model making process. I am using this company as a way to give back to my community that has been in my life for the past 9 years.

After winning numberous awards for my painting, it was only a matter of time before my work could be considered at the professional level. The idea of StaticGrass Creations started about 6 years ago when friends asked me to paint models for them for money. A year later, I decided to make it offical and reach out to the internet and find international clients. I have also placed models for sale on Ebay to increase exposure.

What I Do

The models I generally paint are on a 28-30mm scale in a sci-fi or fantasy theme. Depending on the quality of work, these can take anywhere from a couple hours to 10 hours to paint each.

Youtube Channel

This is StaticGrass Creations' Youtube channel. It consists of video tutorials on the model making and painting process that I produced fully by myself.